Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bank Holiday driving with a free £20 streetcar voucher

With last weekends balmy temperatures in the UK, it's not surprising that most people who had braved the April bank holiday in the UK, were thankful for their decision, and a patch of grass, a cold drink and possibly a hot BBQ all that was needed.

Unfortunately however, the forecast for the coming 'Royal Wedding Weekend' is far from balmy, with temperatures as low as 13 degrees forecast for the capital. Given that the local park has all of a sudden become very unappealing, why not signup for streetcar, and take a trip out of the capital?

If you signup with the streetcar voucher code in the header of this page, you'll get £20 free driving credit with streetcar as soon as your account is activated. Make sure you signup before the bank holiday though, as streetcar will need to check your licence details with the DVLA before approving your account.

Also, you don't need to worry about your streetcard not arriving in time for the weekend, as streetcars wizardry technology will allow them to unlock the car remotely for you when you need it (please note that there may be a very small charge for this service).

Anyway, just go to and use my referral code 9A32-D17.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Streetcar - Refer a friend £20 free driving discount voucher 2011

That's right! Streetcar have recently announced, that if you sign-up to their amazing car club, when you've been referred by a 'friend', then you'll get £20 free driving credit onto your account as soon as your account with streetcar is approved.

Well, i'll be your friend! :)

Just go to and enter my referral code 9A32-D17

Just for entering the code above, you'll get £20 on your account as soon as you signup!

Streetcar Overnight discount - 9 Hours Driving for £25!

Streetcar have pulled a fanastic code out of the bag in March 2011, and made their 'overnight' voucher code a permanent offer.

With this streetcar voucher code you can hire any streetcar or streetvan for just £25, when you hire from 6pm to 9pm. This only applies to bookings made Monday to Thursday, and you still get the 20 miles free petrol, which is your daily allowance.

To get this great offer, you no longer even have to use the 'overnight' voucher code which streetcar used to require, just make your booking between those times, and the price will automatically adjusted to give you the discount.

You can see full details by going to

Don't forget, if you're not yet a Streetcar member yet, you can use this in conjunction with my 'referral code' which is 9A32-D17.

Basically, you just need to go to and put in the streetcar refer a friend code 9A32-D17. This code will give you £20 driving credit as soon as you signup, so if you combine it with the overnight offer, that's effectively 9 hours of driving for a fiver! :) (saving about £135)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Streetcar Discount - £20 free driving voucher when you join Streetcar in 2011!

Streetcar is the UK's premier car club, with around 1,200 locations across 10 cities.

Membership for the year is £59.50 (correct at time of writing - 12/04/2011), which also gives you membership to Streetvan - the van rental sister company.

Whilst it's difficult to get a reduction on the joining fee, one of the best ways to save money when you join streetcar, is to use a code to get free driving once you're a member.

To join and get £20 free streetcar driving credit (which equates to a £20 streetcar discount), just go to and where it says 'offer code', just put in 9A32-D17 - In case you're wondering, the code is valid until the end of 2011

As soon as you join, your account will be automatically credited with £20 free streetcar credit! At today's prices, that will get you 4 hours driving a nice new VW Polo, including 20 miles worth of petrol!

And just in case you think a completely free £20 streetcar discount is too good to be true ... click on the screenshot to see what I mean! :)